Car Insurance For One Day

Generally speaking, traditional car insurance policies are taken out for the period of a year then at the end of that year they are able to be reviewed by the insured and the insurer and a decision is made whether to continue the policy for another year. Having such a long term contract then begs the question, what to do if you only need car insurance for one day? One day car insurance policies have seen increasing popularity worldwide as the need for this type of insurance rises. It wasn’t so long ago that you needed to have a specialist insurance broker to organise a single day car insurance contract for you, currently it is as simple as looking online and asking for a quote from one of the many online insurance companies that provide this particluar service.

Owners of classic or vintage cars can find themselves much better off for having used single day insurance as opposed to annual contracts. Most owners of beautiful older cars store their vehicles in secure storage facilities for most of the year only taking their cars out for special meetings or car rallies. In cases such as these the car will already be covered by the storage company’s insurance policy, so insuring the same car for the whole year would be double insuring the car as thus paying twice as much premium for no real gain.

A different category of people who can benefit from 1 day insurance providers are racing enthusiasts who wish to use their vehicles for purposes not generally sanctioned by their annual insurance policies. For the most part if you want to race your vehicle on a track this will fall outside the scope of insurance cover provided by normal insurance, so for occasions like this you will have to take out additional car insurance for the day. Years ago, when a crash occurred on a race course the owner of the car in question would arrange for the vehicle to be dragged to a local stretch of road and then claim to their insurance company that the accident occurred there so they were able to claim on their annual insurance policy, given that this constitutes a criminal offence this probably isn’t the smartest idea.

So the main winners from the new one day insurance policies that are available are really motoring enthusiast, but there are a great range of other new insurance policies available to the general motoring public also.

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